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Start at 9.00
(Ammattiopisto Tavastia, Hattelmalantie 8, Pintakilta)


  • Learning by doing
  • Learnign by equal
  • Student centered approach
  • Problem based learning

goals for training:

  • Introducion and personal goals.
  • GuildSchools pedagogy and history
  • How to evaluate practical learning process?
  • Learning by doing(trainees paint also themselves)

Feedback of learning by doing at Painters Guild:

  • Pedagogical models?
  • How teacher teach and coach?
  • How instructors work?
  • How tutors(older students) work?
  • Observation, what thinks and methods you have seen?
  • How you feel as a role of student?

Teachers teams and teamwork


Teaching, social media and mobile devices

GuildSchools pedagogigal- model

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